Our Story

BERIQISU (sounds like . . . Berry🍇 Key🔑 Sue💁‍♀️ ) was created by Belkis Whyte, who was inspired by her upbringing in Boston, her heritage in Ghana and her experiences as a designer in New York City. Drawing from these facets, Belkis chose to name her line BERIQISU, after her given birth name, and developed a brand aligned with the global lifestyle. BERIQISU was built on the foundation of inclusion, transparency, and education. As BERIQISU grows, Belkis and her team continue to provide quality products and outstanding customer service, while paying it forward to Ghana and the new generation of women and girls, through educational and vocational support.

Belkis has designed for brands such as Natori, Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, Burberry, Victoria’s Secret and Nautica. Her professional design skills range from the intricacies of delicate intimate apparel to the sharp clean lines of tailored menswear. She brings these skills of tasteful, modern, and personalized fashion to BERIQISU.

BERIQISU pieces are cut with vintage style and construction, creating the perfect harmony between style and functionality. Each piece is tailored, well-crafted and incorporates the inspiring prints and rich colors of her Ghanaian heritage. Her eye for textiles ensures only the best quality, which she personally sources. In the end, pockets are happy surprises and prints are a welcomed encounter.


To date, BERIQISU has been spotted on artists such as Beyoncé and Nina Sky; influencers such as Demetria Lucas, author of Don’t Waste Your Pretty and A Belle in Brooklyn and Renae Bluitt of In Her Shoes blog; countless empowered women across the globe, and sharp dressed men looking to make a statement.

BERIQISU has clients all over the globe from Australia, Finland, London, Ireland, Nigeria and more. The BERIQISU client is FIERCE, HARDWORKING and INSPIRED. They prefer clothes that fit well and make a bold statement. Wearing BERIQISU gives confidence, beauty, and self-empowerment.

All fabric is inspired and purchased directly from local fabric houses in Ghana. BERIQISU remains committed to making a positive social impact and provides financial and in-kind contributions to the local schools in Accra. The goal of BERIQISU is for each stakeholder to feel empowered and pride, from the fabric purchase to manufacturing, to ultimately, the client.